We are finalizing a contract to manufacture MILLIONS of .22LR 40 Grain Copper High Velocity Ammunition!

Precision Ammunition has listened to our clients and is in the final stages of finalizing a contract to manufacture millions of rounds of a very high quality .22LR 40 Grain Copper High Velocity rounds. The rounds are American Precision Ammunition headstamped, packaged .22LR @ 1190FPS (120ftlbs of energy) so they will cycle rifle and even pistol automatics while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.  These are manufactured in a TARGET series, with the addition of copper to the projectile and increased energy to 120ftlbs being the primary reasons we have not designated these rounds as MATCH .22LR. These are not a plinker round and can be shot in MATCH competition. The exact date we officially add it to our inventory with the date of availability and quantities will be posted soon. This product will be offered at a discounted price to our existing centerfire clients first.

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