Loading Machine

The Precision Loading Machine is a progressive machine designed to load Precision components to match grade tolerances in industrial quantities for center fire calibers in pistol and rifle including 380AUTO, 9mm PARA, .223REM/5.56mm, .308WIN/7.62mm, up to Military Grade .338 Lapua Magnum.

12 station linear progressive loader featuring carbon steel & titanium nitride coated precision dies, precision match grade powder measures with case activated belling die to ensure a tight seal during the powder stage for precise load with no powder spillage.

* 5,500 rounds per hour production rate for pistol ammunition maintaining maximum load tolerances.

* 3,500 rounds per hour production rate for rifle ammunition maintaining maximum load tolerances.

Positive check stopper block for the tool-head for precise loading tolerances including overall length and crimp tolerance deviation to within one thousandth of an inch with a match grade precision powder measure accurate to within one tenth of a grain.

** Quick change caliber conversion change feature allows changeover in only 30 minutes.

*** Adjustable tool head stroke length allowing for optimal loading of small and large pistol and small and large caliber rifle ammunition.

Manufactured from the highest quality alloys and designed for maximum die operational torsional rigidity and harmonic vibration eliminating base for precise loading tolerances over long periods of operation, cross cut gear set with a variable frequency drive DC motor for reliable operation. Designed to operate optimally for 8 hours of production per 10-hour shift at 2 shifts daily up to 7 days per week for 44 weeks annually. This factors set up & down-time related to material supply, employees, facility and machine maintenance. Each machine undergoes tolerance and endurance stress testing with certification before being shipped.

* Production rates vary with component types and other factors. These cycle rates are based on PRECISION 9mm PARA 115gr RN and .223 Rem 55gr T FMJ operated by an expert loader under ideal conditions.

** Requires additional tool head, dies, rails, collator inserts and powder measure that are preset using the stop blocks for each individual machine.

*** Precision Loaders are set up from the factory to operate either pistol or rifle in one caliber. The machine may be set up for additional calibers and/or both pistol and rifle with additional caliber conversion kits.

For information on purchasing our Loading Machine, please email info@precisionammunition.com