Precision Ammunition now offers .22LR 40gr copper high velocity ammunition!

We finalized our initial production of .22LR and will be taking orders soon for delivery within a month! Check back for further updates. We are offering a special discounted price for our existing centerfire clients.   This is not a plinker round, this is a high quality TARGET SERIES .22LR round nose 40gr copper @ 1190fps with 120ftlbs of energy so it will cycle automatic rifles and pistols. We have fired this ammunition at rimfire match competitions with outstanding results.  It is extremely accurate, clean and consistent .  This is one of the most versatile .22LR rounds, it’s in production and although it costs more than a standard plinker round it is truly a great value high quality round. Our first production run was 500,000 rounds and are working to increase that to millions.  Look for updates to be coming shortly.

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