9mm9mm 124 grain round nose complete metal jacket TARGET SERIES.  Packaged in Boxes of 50, Cases of 1,000 and bulk fiber barrels of 5,000. The rounds are constructed with gold brass-cases in both NEW and REMAN  TARGET SERIES, small pistol box-primers, clean burning double based ball powder with some formula’s utilizing a fast burning universal flake, double struck complete metal jacket projectiles (no exposed lead) to reduce harmful emissions.

The rounds are very accurate with minimum muzzle flash and recoil designed for training and practice.

After perfecting our formula we sent our rounds, selected randomly from production, to a ballistics company with no affiliation for extensive testing.  The rounds were soaked in water, broken apart and measured for consistency and quality of materials and construction. Next they were fired fast for cycling, fired on a bench for accuracy and lastly fired over a chronograph for velocity and consistency. The results were… 1108 FPS Standard Deviation was 0.77% with a 3″ grouping fired from 25 yards n Glock Model 19’s with 4.5″ barrels.